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4:00:00        Daybreak USA    Tom Sullivan    Let's Talk Nutrition   
5:00:00 Daybreak USA   Tom Sullivan   Let's Talk Nutrition  
6:00:00 This Morning    Today's Homeowner   Dr Daliah   
7:00:00 This Morning Money Pit   Dr Daliah  
8:00:00 Bloomberg Surveillance   Money Pit   Dr Bob Martin  
9:00:00 Bloomberg Surveillance    Today's Homeowner   Dr Bob Martin
10:00:00 One America News  Good Day Health   Dr Bob Martin
11:00:00 One America News  Good Day Health  This Weekend   
   NOON Bloomberg Advantage One America News             Dennis Prager   
13:00:00 Bloomberg Taking Stock                Life Your True Life Dennis Prager
14:00:00 Sean Hannity   One America News        One America News  
15:00:00 Sean Hannity One America News  One America News 
16:00:00 One America News   The Tech Guy  Clark Howard  
17:00:00 One America News  The Tech Guy  Clark Howard   
18:00:00 Joe Pags   One America News  Talkers Countdown
19:00:00 Joe Pags  Talkin' Pets   Talkers Countdown   
20:00:00 John Batchelor   Talkin' Pets McLaughlin Group 
21:00:00 John Batchelor   Science Fantastic The Wrap 
22:00:00 Bloomberg Markets  Science Fantastic Tech It Out 
23:00:00 Bloomberg Technology  Darren Streblow Comedy Everything Old Is New Again
     MID Jim Bohannon    Classic Radio Theater                 Free Talk Live  
1:00:00 Jim Bohannon   Classic Radio Theater  Free Talk Live 
2:00:00 America Tonight    Classic Radio Theater Frankie Boyer Show    
3:00:00 America Tonight   Classic Radio Theater Frankie Boyer Show  



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